Text formatting tags in HTML

HTML Formatting tags :

There are several tags in HTML used to format the text, like , <strong>, <em>,etc. These formatting tags can make text bold, italic, sub/superscripted and more.

<strong> tag :

It causes anything between <strong> & </strong> to be rendered in boldfaces.

<em> tag :

It defines anything between <em> & </em> to displayed in Italic.

<u> tag :

This tag underlines the text appearing in between this tag.

<s> tag :

It puts line through the text containing inside the <s> tag & its </s> tag.

<address> tag :

This tag defines information about web page such as URL, date of last version, adress, etc. It provides contact information for the author and enables readers to contact the author.

<pre> tag :

The text appearing in between <pre> & </pre> displayed in exactly same format as typed in. It also preserves
line breaks and      blank spaces.
align :Sets align of the inner content.left, right, center, justify
width :It defines number of characters per line.number

<big> tag :

This tag displays text one font size larger than surrounding text.

<small> tag :

This tag displays text one font size smaller.

<sub> tag :

This tag displays text half a character size lower. Like here,
H<sub>2</sub>O, CO<sub>2</sub>, O<sub>2</sub>, So<sub>2</sub>

Output :

H2O, CO2, O2, SO2

<sup> tag :

This tag displays text half a character size height higher. Eg.
(x+y)<sup>2</sup>, (5888)<sup>3</sup>

Output :

(x+y)2, (5888)3

<tt> tag :

This tag displays text in monospaced form.

<font> tag :

This tag changes texts size,style & color.
This tag have following attributes:
size : Defines size of text. number
face : Sets the fonts style. font_family
color : Sets color for enclosed text. rgb(x,x,x), #xxxxxx or colorname
lang : Language for a text to be appear in can be set here. language_code

<marquee> tag :

This tag causes text to be scroll across the browser.
This tag doesn't work in all browsers. Eg.
<marquee align="top" bgcolor="blue" behavior="alternate" width="50%" height="30px" direction="right" scrollamount="10" scrolldelay="1000" >This text will bounce from left to right</marquee>

Output :

This text will bounce from left to right.
It has following attributes:
align : Sets the alignment of the text to be scroll over the marquee.left, right, top, bottom or middle.
bgcolor : Sets the background color of the marquee.rgb(x,x,x), #xxxxxx or colorname
height : Sets the height of the marquee area.pixels or %
width : Sets the width of the marquee area.pixels or %
direction : Sets the direction from where the text will start scrolling.left, right, up or down.
scrollamount : How many pixels the text should moves between 'frames' is set here.pixels
scrolldelay : Smoothness of scrolling can be achieve by setting this attribute. This sets the amount of time, in milliseconds, between 'frames'.milliseconds