How to Write the Perfect Blog Post — 10 Tips to Consider

How to Write a Perfect Blog Post

Making a blog post is not a complex task, but to write the perfect blog post is certainly an art! To make our blog post reach everybody's attention, it has to be shaped nicely just like an art piece.

Every small element of your blog post should come out in the exact shape and should construct an exceptional, outstanding art piece. In the article further, we will understand how we can write the perfect blog post.

To build a miraculous, masterpiece blog post, we are going to put the content at the core and build supporting pillars (elements which will help the core content stand-out) around, which will hold our blog post high.

It is said that content is king and it is assuredly true. Everything else could be secondary but unmistakably has equal importance. Hence let us have a look at all these aspects of writing a perfect blog post.

1. Gather information to write the perfect blog post

Gather information for a blog post
A perfect blog post should be full of information and inspiring, which will not make our readers feel dull. Hence, we have to put information that is really useful, trendy, and beneficial to readers. How will we achieve that? Well, there's a simplistic approach to do this.

Information or content is an integral part and core of this whole story. Therefore, gather all necessary information from different web-sources, YouTube videos, books, magazines, newsletters, forums, etc.

Study and understand the top 10 blog posts. Make notes on what successful bloggers are talking about. Understand the flow of the article and their way of writing. See if you can convey or put things differently and create a difference.

We are equipped with smartphones nowadays, practically all times. So, from now on make notes on the phone, whenever an inspiring idea strikes in your mind. ColorNote, Evernote, and FairNote are some free apps available on Google Play Store which can serve this purpose.

2. Unique content and a writing style to support the perfect blog post

Posting unique content and developing a styleThere are thousands or even millions of blog posts that are published every day. Your target readers get plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, you have to make your content stand-out among the masses.

Write a blog post that has constructive content.

To make your blog post is interesting, below points could be considered:  
  • Tell your readers a story, 
  • Ask them questions,
  • Make provoking statements to keep them engaged in conversation but don't go too far, 
  • Give them statistics, 
  • Add notes which you have prepared for the blog post, 
  • Polish sentences for better impact, 
  • Develop a writing style and organize your content neatly. 
All these points are utterly important to create super-quality content and eventually the perfect blog post.

Study the best selling unique facts on the topic you want to write about and put it in your blog post. Get inspired, but do not copy any content. Make your readers loyal fans of your blog through your writing style. If you follow all these tips, surely your blog post will be full of information as well as fresh.

3. Write a striking headline that readers can't go unnoticed

Write a striking headline that readers can't go unnoticed
Normally in search engines result-page, if your blog post doesn't have a nailing title no matter what how great your inside content is, it won't get noticed and eventually won't rank high in search engines as well as on social media.

A great title can really go a long way to make your blog post popular. A title is like a cover page of a book. The first thing readers see and judge if to follow-through the blog post or not. A nicely written title would encourage readers to follow the entire blog post.

The post title should be concise, yet descriptive, and create curiosity among your readers to follow the blog post. A title should introduce the subject of your blog post to your readers. Hence, spend a little time crafting the perfect blog post title. Check this blog post for creative blog title ideas.

4. Write a captivating introduction that keeps readers engaged

Write captivating introduction that keeps readers engagedAn introduction is the second most important thing in the process of writing the perfect blog post after a post title.

Generally, readers go through the first few paragraphs and if it is not compelling, readers can stop going further through the post. In order to keep them hooked-up, you have to make the conversation interesting.

Again, how to bring that twist in the story to keep them engaged?

Well, there are a couple of ways. You can share an interesting story and relate it to our post topic. For example, a mighty prince goes on a quest to kill the dragon and saves the world. Another way of gaining the reader's attention is to share interesting facts and statistics. Like, how quickly you got first 10,000 visits to your blog post in just a week's time.

In the latter story, you will come down to actual business. Let your readers know the purpose of the post. Explain to them how you are going to touch entire blog posts in the coming sections. Add some value so that readers gain something out of it and they continue to read the story.

5. Organize content for a better experience

Organize content for better experience
Now you have written a blog post full of quality content, but readers wouldn't read it if it is not presented in the right way. In my personal experience, I find it really boring to read long narrated paragraphs. It feels like, putting too much effort to read it.

  • Paragraphs — It is our general tendency that if you see a long written paragraph or a huge block of text, you will most likely avoid it. A better practice is to write in small paragraphs, usually up to 3-4 lines in each. Breathing space in between the paragraph text makes the content look neater and organized.
  • Headings and subheadings — Introducing headings and subheads helps organize content in an even better way. It gives readers a quick overview of significant information. It also enables the flow of the post. We can think of coloring them as well. Though keep color formatting the same throughout the post. Use only 2-3 colors in your post if you plan to do so.
  • Bullet-list or numbered-list — Use bullet-list or numbered-list wherever possible in your post. They grab the reader's attention if used mindfully. Also, I would share an interesting fact about bullets here. When you feel like you are about to lose your reader, add a few bullet points to make him stay through the blog post. That will win over the situation for sure. 
  • Bold, Italics, and colored words — To bring readers attention to important words and sentences, the text can be made bold or/and colored. Italics could be useful when you want emphasis a little less than that of the bold words, but a little more than the surrounding text. Again, a warning message, overdoing it will lose its effectiveness.

6. The perfect blog post is incomplete without pictures

Include pictures in your postAn image is worth a thousand words. Images/pictures, icons, media, infographics, etc. really add life to a dull post. It is a step closer to writing a perfect blog post.

A post with the images gets more shares on the social media platform. Hence find relevant images or icons which are free for use, stunning, high-quality images, and add them to your post. Here is the list of top 10 free image sources for commercial use.

Ideally, 1-5 images are enough for a post. Generally, I prefer to add an image at the start of the post which is relevant to the blog title and the topic of the post. You can add images in-between as per the rest of the content.

7. Write a punchy conclusion

Write a punchy conclusionThe perfect blog post is incomplete without a punchy conclusion. Ending your conversation with readers abruptly looks amateur work to me. I have done that and believe me it is not a correct way of wrapping up.

After sharing all that valuable information with the readers, ending it is just not done. Therefore, writing a few more lines to convey key-message of your post has no harm, right?

But what to mention in the conclusion section?

Well, we summarize the overall content and main points we touched in the post, what new we learned, and what should be our next action. You probably can ask questions to your readers, but don't start a new conversation entirely. Remember, we are about to wrap-up and hence keep it short.

A call to action is also necessary for a perfect blog post. As it keeps your readers engaged with your blog even if they have finished reading the post. You may ask them for an opinion about the post, to share on social media or what content they would like to see in the next post.

8. Proofread before you publish

Proofread before you publishFinally writing part of the story ends here. Though, if our article has spelling mistakes or wrong punctuation marks or grammatical errors or everything all together how it will be a perfect blog post?

Hence, it is very necessary to go through each line, and each word once you have completed the writing job.

Check if there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors left in your article. It will create a bad impression on the readers. Your post has greater exposure to readers from around the world once it is live and you don't want to put your reputation at stake. Hence, check post twice, thrice, as many times before you publish it. 

9. Customize permalink and write search description

Customize permalink and write search descriptionThe Permalink is nothing but the text which will be displayed in the URL. If you observe, there are generally three things displayed in any search-result, i.e. post title, page description, and the URL. Hence, it is very necessary to include keywords in the post URL for better ranking.

In the default case, permalink picks up the words from the title-text of your blog post. However, it is possible that important keywords may get neglected when set to automatically generated the permalink. Hence set customized permalink and add 4-5 keyword in the URL. Adding more words might create a negative impact.

Search-description or Meta-description also plays a vital role in optimizing your post for the search result. In search-result, meta-description is displayed below the title of your blog post in certain scenarios. A post title, description, and URL all work together to convince a reader to click on your link.

If the search-description is not set, the first few lines from your post will be displayed as a description text. As it may not portray the entire picture of your blog post and you may lose a possible reader. Hence, it is advised to write relevant and seductive description text for each post.

10. Finally, publish and promote

Finally, publish and promoteAfter you are 100% sure that everything in your post is correct and as expected, it is time to push content live. Hit the Publish button and your perfect blog post will be live to be read by a vast audience.

The promotion is also an integral part of the overall process. Unless you are an established blogger no-one would know what you have posted on your blog.

Hence it is necessary to promote post after publishing it. Even for established bloggers promotion creates new opportunities to get acquainted with new readers. 

Promote your post on social media, forums, directories, through the mail-list, and all possible channels to make it reach an end-audience.

One more thing to remember, while promoting don't just add the link and share on social media. Instead, write an appealing description up to 3-4 lines to convince readers to follow through your link.

Having said that I would like to conclude our article on how to write the perfect blog post:

In order to write the perfect blog post, we add important information that readers will love to read and build around other essential (supporting pillars) elements that will support our story. Putting it all together, we:

  1. Research on the topic and gather information
  2. Write original content and maintain the flow of the post
  3. Write striking headline
  4. Write an introduction part that grabs readers attention
  5. Re-organize content
  6. Include pictures where necessary
  7. Conclude the article
  8. Proofread entire post for as many times possible
  9. Customize permalink and write search-description
  10. Publish and promote

Now we all know how to create a magnificent post. I would like all of you to take a dive into this innovative process and build a masterpiece that everyone will love and cherish!

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Thank you for keeping up with me! Wish you happy blogging!